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Barbuilding is at a all time low.

The building of the bar has almost stopped. Well, we now can serve beer and thus we get drunk alot. We have also had some flooding here. The first image in the gallery shows the way we usually take to the office. Not that I dont like swimming, just not to work.

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11 days later

Yes, 11 days and no new what so ever… Let me just say that we are working on some other stuff at the moment. You know, stuff we get paid for. The bar hovever is not forgotten. The new ceiling is done, we have a beercooler on the way, the sound system will be working soon, the arcade have uv lighting and there are tons of things planed for the future.

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Look up.

We are getting a new ceiling. Yea, a black one. This will look really good when done. We are also installing speakers for that ambient music. The speakers are small golden ones that are mounted in the ceiling.

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More images.

This is what we did yesterday. Didn’t get the images up until today, I had to resize them all by hand.

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Let there be sound

After a week with little to no activity we are back. Now we are about to put the foot stand in place but natrually the power for the cordless screwdriver is no more. We need to charge the battery. But now for the headline, we finally got the old computer fitted with a working soundcard and there are now music in our bar. And what else would we listen to if not slayradio.

Next time we drive somewhere they have powertools I’ll pick up a powerdrill. You know, the kind with a cord and no battery.

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Got (almost) all wood.

All the wood we stained are in place except the foot stand. We didn’t have enough brackets to put it in place. It will just have to wait.

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Se the previus post…

Here are the images for yesterday.

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Internet access!

Making a post from the office/lab/workshop, via an old 400 mhz machine running windows 2k. 8 gig harddrive and 196 megs of ram ensures that you can feel the wind in your hair.

Anyways, we got the arcade working, just a new fuse for the soundboard.

As usual we did some shopping as well.

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Another day and more painting.

We cut alot of trims and made the footstand. Now we only need to get some two or three layers of lacquer on them and then it’s on.

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We have an arcade!

The heavy arcade is in place. Soon we will have some entertainment. Well, we have a lot of work but visitors need entertainment.