1. Always measure twice.
Well, when we where halfway done with the bar we discovered that it was 10 cm longer than we thought, so the board we get for top was 10 cm to short.

2. No wood is straight.
The boards for the front trim was glued and screwed together, and they look like they are made of bananatree wood.

3. 45 degree corners are hard.
You need high quality saws and jigs for making a 45 degree cut.

4. Get 2 batteries to that cordless screw driver.
Or wait the 7 hours it takes to reload and do nothing while it does.

5. Get some hearing protection.
Powertools are loud.

6. Always get some extra material.
If you get everything right you can always use the extra material to build a catapult.

7. Anything can use an extra coat of lacquer.
Really.. lacquer is like X approching infinity, you are never quite there yet.

8. Get a bunch of pencils.
They are really useful, one is doing service as a support making our bar level. And you loose them.

9. Always fasten with overkill.
80mm screws every 10 cm means whatever you are fastening is not going anywhere soon.

10. Always measure twice.
See above.