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Corona Extra, Mexiko. Gult vatten med lite kolsyra o sprit. (4,6% – 46,66kr/liter – 10,1 fylleindex)

Victoria Bitter, Australien. Besk, lite för lite smak. (4,8% – 38,66kr/liter – 8,0 fylleindex)

Spaten, Tyskland. (5,2% – 29,20 kr/liter – 5,6 fylleindex)

Red Stripe, Jamaica. Lagom smak o kolsyra. (4,7% – 42,12kr/liter – 8,9 fylleindex)

Sol, Mexico. (4,5% – 42,12kr/liter – 9,3 fylleindex)

Bitburger, Tyskland.  (4,8% – 31,51kr/liter – 6,5 fylleindex)

Budweiser, USA. (5,0% – 40,60kr/liter – 8,1 fylleindex)

Fylleindex = priset per liter / procent. Dvs vad kostar en volymprocentenhet. Ju lägre desto bättre.

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Two updates in one day?!

Yupp, as I told you about the software I might as well show you the monitor.

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Barbuilding is at a all time low.

The building of the bar has almost stopped. Well, we now can serve beer and thus we get drunk alot. We have also had some flooding here. The first image in the gallery shows the way we usually take to the office. Not that I dont like swimming, just not to work.

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Why does it take so long…


Right now I could really go for a beer in my very own bar. Sure it will happen soon enough but still, I want it NOW! As I was browsing the net for some other DIY bars out there I found this on “boing boing” a quick n’ dirty bar, the tiki bar. Ok, so it’s not really dirty but it sure would be a fast way to get a bar together. No three layers of lacquer and heavy wood works there. Just put it togheter and have a cold one. Don’t get me wrong I think our bar rocks but man does it take time to get it ready.

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We do everything safe…

Fire and helmet

Every once in a while a fire is seen in the distance. Usually its in our lab and that’s why we need protection. I’ll show you about the hardhat later when I make a post about our beertaps.

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post, and its about a bar.

Behind the unfinished bar

This is what we are building right now.

Here is another pic from the front.

The front of the bar.