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Look up.

We are getting a new ceiling. Yea, a black one. This will look really good when done. We are also installing speakers for that ambient music. The speakers are small golden ones that are mounted in the ceiling.

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More images.

This is what we did yesterday. Didn’t get the images up until today, I had to resize them all by hand.

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Got (almost) all wood.

All the wood we stained are in place except the foot stand. We didn’t have enough brackets to put it in place. It will just have to wait.

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Se the previus post…

Here are the images for yesterday.

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Another day and more painting.

We cut alot of trims and made the footstand. Now we only need to get some two or three layers of lacquer on them and then it’s on.

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We have an arcade!

The heavy arcade is in place. Soon we will have some entertainment. Well, we have a lot of work but visitors need entertainment.

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Now we are up to speed.

Yea! I’ve been waiting for the trims to get ready. Now they are in place, not all of them. Too bad the battery in the drill didn’t last long enough to get all of them in place. With no battery and more time we made a shelf for bottles and stuff. I had the chans to make the shelf for the drip guard as well. It’s ready for painting and then getting the three layers of lacquer.

I know that there have been a lot of images posted within a short time. But now we have posted all progress until today. As you may have guessed we started this blog after we started building the bar. So we have posted more than one day of progress every day.

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10 tips for the noob carpenter

 1. Always measure twice.
Well, when we where halfway done with the bar we discovered that it was 10 cm longer than we thought, so the board we get for top was 10 cm to short.

2. No wood is straight.
The boards for the front trim was glued and screwed together, and they look like they are made of bananatree wood.

3. 45 degree corners are hard.
You need high quality saws and jigs for making a 45 degree cut.

4. Get 2 batteries to that cordless screw driver.
Or wait the 7 hours it takes to reload and do nothing while it does.

5. Get some hearing protection.
Powertools are loud.

6. Always get some extra material.
If you get everything right you can always use the extra material to build a catapult.

7. Anything can use an extra coat of lacquer.
Really.. lacquer is like X approching infinity, you are never quite there yet.

8. Get a bunch of pencils.
They are really useful, one is doing service as a support making our bar level. And you loose them.

9. Always fasten with overkill.
80mm screws every 10 cm means whatever you are fastening is not going anywhere soon.

10. Always measure twice.
See above.

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Nothing much really.

Not much has happend this time. We had some visitors and did some configuring of the network (listen to slayradio).

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We got internet!

We took this day for making the internet connection working. We needed some cable and screws. In a dash we where of to the cheapest shop around. On the way I took some photos of the old sugarplant and some farmer girls. Well, finally we had past the mall and went for Biltema. Only to se it closed 10 minutes ago. What do you do? Just head back to the mall and hope for the best. All is well that ends well. We got the stuff we needed. And got internet at the bar.

Ohh, and we put up some cupbards.